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Air Travel Luggage Policies

Luggage policies have been changing over the past few years as airlines are now trying to limit the amount of luggage and the weight taken on a flight. With all these changes, it is hard to keep everything up to date.  We have listed a few links for our domestic carriers, but if you have any questions on luggage or on international trip please call us and we would love to help you! 







Liquid Rules & Limitations:

Carry-On Luggage:  Any liquids in your carry on must be 3 oz or less in one quart size clear plastic, zip-top bag.

At the checkpoint travelers will be asked to remove the zip-top bag of liquids and place it in a bin or on the conveyor belt. X-raying separately will allow TSA security officers to more easily examine the declared items.

Checked Luggage:  There are no size limitations for liquids that you put in your checked luggage.

Travel Tips:

Bags should be left unlocked so screeners won’t have to force them open to search by hand.

Check-in times:  Leave a minimum of 2 hours for domestic flights and 3 hours for international flights.

If you have any problems while you are flying please call us immediately at 1-800-882-5777, after office hours, please call our office and you will be given an emergency contact number.

For more information please visit: Transportation Security Administration (TSA)

***Checked luggage fees have been changing constantly with each airline changing their policies.

If you are unsure please contact us with any questions!

Travel Insurance Information

There are many different travel insurance companies to choose from and all have a wide array of travel policies, so how do you know which plan will give you the best coverage for your needs? Let Siouxland Travel help you! We have a great relationship with a few of the best companies that provide excellent coverage and service to you.

Travel smart with travel insurance:

The travel portfolios that we offer are designed just for travelers. They can provide coverage for many of the things that can go wrong before, during and after your trip.
Common travel problems like flight delays, travel injuries and illnesses, unpredictable weather and lost or stolen luggage are just a few reasons why it is important to cover your travel investment. In the event of a claim, Siouxland Travel will walk you through the complicated filing process, making sure you have all the necessary documentation.

Top 10 Reasons to have Travel Insurance:

  1. You have to cancel your trip due to an unexpected event such as bad weather, an illness in the family, involuntary job loss or the financial default of your airline, cruise line or tour operator.

  2. You have to return home early due to an unexpected emergency such as an illness or death in the family.

  3. Your luggage is lost or delayed, forcing you to purchase necessary essentials, or prescription medications.

  4. Your sporting, camping or adventure equipment is damaged or stolen.

  5. You become ill or injured and learn that your health care plan doesn’t cover you outside the U.S.

  6. You need an emergency medical evacuation due to an accident or sudden illness.

  7. You run into flight delays and miss a portion of your trip or cruise.

  8. You have to evacuate your resort due to an unexpected hurricane or storm.

  9. You lose your passport, leaving you stranded abroad.

  10. Your rental car is damaged leaving you responsible for the repair costs.